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November 7, 2011
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Freya and Orsel by bigducky Freya and Orsel by bigducky
My roommates and their friends are obsessed with drawing certain characters of theirs. It inspired me to draw some of my own, for once. They didn't come out too bad so I colored them. Yay.

This is Orsel and Freya from my 2011 nanowrimo young adult novel which is currently titled Bark (although I am considering changing it to Queen of Dirt).
Orsel, the one on the left, is a surly foster child who turns out to be a bear spirit and eventually, well... other things. I won't give it away. She spends all her time outside, bare foot, and doesn't take any crap from people. She embraces her servitude as a spirit, but turns out to not be very nice or merciful. She will have to learn to be in order to serve nature.
Freya, the one on the right, was once the queen bee of her high school. She was beautiful, intelligent, and popular. Everyone was under her thumb. Basically, she is completely vain and narcissistic. Then one day she turned into a mountain goat spirit, much to her dismay, and is forced to flee into the mountains with Orsel in order to figure things out. She resists who she truly is, but eventually becomes a better person for it.

So yep, thats about it. I have another drawing of Freya going that is a slightly different style, but I have pretty much abandoned it for the time being. I'll probably draw these two more. They're fun. Except that I don't know anything about goat anatomy.

Back to noveling!

bark texture from [link]
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Cheshire-Lunacy Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Freya.. has been demoted to a regular spirit... Poor Freya

(Freya is a goddess on the north Pantheon i do believe)
Haha yea...the connection to the goddess is mere coincidence. I picked the name for the meaning of "noble lady."
Cheshire-Lunacy Nov 7, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
ahh kk Interesting pic any ways
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